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Mix and match our workshops to create a professional development training that works for you. All workshops will be fully customized to best meet your needs.

Half-Day Trainings

21st Century Environment Design Workshop: Teachers observe the actual physical development of a 21st Century classroom environment and receive instruction on the supporting research. Teachers will also experience strategies for creating a healthy emotional environment that is conducive to the delivery of 21st Century skills and the Common Core State Standards.

Addressing the Gender Gap: Boys and Learning: Researchers have identified more than 100 structural differences between the male and female brain. Learn strategies that address the learning needs of boys and develop an understanding of the unique gifts that the male brain possesses.

Connecting to the Common Core: The Common Core State Standards are the foundation for 21st Century learning. In this workshop teachers will analyze the standards in order to create meaningful lessons and performance tasks that teach and assess that standard to depth. This workshop will be completely customized to meet the needs of your school in order to deepen and extend your implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Creating a Healthy Emotional Climate: Emotion is the gatekeeper to learning and performance. In the words of Dr. Robert Sylwester, "Emotion drives attention which drives learning, memory, problem solving and just about everything else." This workshop will give teachers an understanding of the 21st Century character skills and will equip them with strategies to teach these character skills, practice them, and bring them to life in their classrooms. Teachers will leave with strategies to create positive and supportive relationships in their classrooms in order to increase student engagement and achievement and foster critical thinking.

Differentiated Instruction for 21st Century Learning: All students can achieve mastery in the Common Core State Standards, but they don't all get there in the same way. This workshop equips teachers with structures and strategies that enable them to meet the needs of all their students without compromising the integrity of their instruction.

Introduction to Curriculum Mapping for Long-Term Memory: Teachers will learn how to organize their curriculum around a central organizer to enhance the brain's natural ability to detect patterns and build programs in order to take information to long-term memory.

Empower Your Team: Creating an Effective Leadership Team: How can a group of people come together to collaboratively lead an instructional team? This workshop examines personality theory and its impact on the development of productive teams. Leadership teams will come away with strategies for leading effective team meetings, activating all team members, and creating a positive school culture.

Proactive Classroom Management: Based on the work of Dr. Spencer Kagan, this workshop will give teachers an understanding of the reasons why students misbehave and how to proactively address these underlying issues. Teachers will use a variety of different scenarios to create a toolkit of resources to respond appropriately to various classroom behaviors.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Effective use of technology requires so much more than using a SmartBoard or typing essays on the computer. Regardless of what technology is available in your school, this workshop will equip teachers with specific strategies for using what is available most powerfully to engage students and increase their achievement.

Mini Workshops (Two per half-day)

Alternatives to Worksheets: Overuse of worksheets is a major inhibitor to 21st Century learning. How can teachers provide experiences that allow students to practice 21st Century skills while still utilizing the resources at their fingertips? This workshop equips teachers with instructional strategies that allow them to embed movement, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem solving into a traditional worksheet, turning it into a 21st Century learning experience.

Collaboration: A Skill for the 21st Century: Having students work in groups is not a new concept for teachers. However, it is both frustrating and unproductive when one student does all the work and the others disengage. Collaboration is vital to effective delivery of the Common Core State Standards and this workshop will equip teachers with the skills to construct learning experiences that include the P.I.E.S. of collaboration so that all students are participating fully and equally in the task and each one is held accountable for the information learned.

Goal Setting and Self-Evaluation with Students: Learning how to set reasonable and attainable goals is a valuable lesson for students of all ages. This workshop examines how to guide students in setting both cognitive and non-cognitive goals, giving them effective feedback, and coaching them through the process of selfevaluation.

Enhancing Student Achievement through Movement in the Classroom: Research indicates that too much sitting increases fatigue and decreases productivity and comprehension. This workshop will give teachers specific strategies in embedding purposeful movement into classroom instruction to increase achievement and enhance engagement.

Increasing Instructional Rigor: Academic rigor is about increasing the complexity of thinking - from simple recall to more challenging cognitive processes. The Common Core State Standards call for increasing rigor in the classroom to prepare students to compete in a global economy. This workshop will equip teachers with tools that will allow them to take students to deeper levels of understanding and more complex ways of thinking and processing information.

Making Learning Relevant: In this workshop educators will learn techniques for teaching material in ways that will better help students learn. Relating lessons to students' backgrounds and/or interests is a strategy to help students retain the information because it is relevant to them. Teachers will plan interactive lessons to hold the students' attention, help them retain information, and give them a desire to learn more.

Quality Questioning for Critical Thinking: Research shows that over 90% of the questions asked by teachers during a typical class period are either at Bloom's levels of knowledge or comprehension. This workshop will give teachers the tools for increasing the levels of critical thinking in their classrooms by structuring the rich, engaging, interactive discussions called for in the speaking and listening standards in the Common Core State Standards. Strategies for teaching studentsto ask quality questions and tools for leading students to question analysis will also be taught during this training.

Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement: Students who are engaged show sustained behavioral involvement in learning activities accompanied by a positive emotional tone. This workshop will equip teachers with instructional strategies to enhance student engagement by encouraging learners to become more active participants in their own learning.

Enhancing the “Guide” in Guided Practice:“It is always more difficult to re-teach skills that have been practiced incorrectly than to provide careful practice the first time around.” Teachers will leave this workshop with ideas for providing effective guided practice that will encourage students to articulate their thinking, engage in accountable talk, and systematically practice the skill while the teacher is informally assessing progress, adapting instruction, and reteaching as needed.

Asking and Answering Text-Based Questions: One of the five major shifts required by the Common Core State Standards is providing textual evidence to support responses to text. During this workshop teachers will practice strategies for developing these kinds of rigorous questions and will receive instruction in how to equip students with the skills for responding to them.

Developing Integrated Performance Tasks: The Common Core State Standards require students to apply their understanding of content by creating a product or performance or constructing a response to their learning. During this workshop teachers will learn how to create these rigorous performance tasks integrating multiple standards, and use these products as authentic assessments.

Other Services

21st Century Learning School-wide Assessment: The most critical part of any school's effort to improve the quality of their climate is that of the assessment component. Inspire and Engage Consulting Services believes that schools change from within, so the most beneficial assessment system is one that provides a school with a clear picture of where they are in a very concrete and specific manner. Educational consultants will analyze the academic and emotional culture of your school, identify trends, and offer a customized, comprehensive plan of improvement in the identified areas of need.

Customized Classroom Coaching: The most powerful agent of change is individual feedback. An educational consultant will observe 7-8 teachers per day and give them specific feedback and suggestions on making their instruction more meaningful and engaging by embedding 21st Century Learning Skills into their lessons. Coaching will be customized to meet the needs of individual school sites and will be driven by previous Inspire and Engage trainings.

StraLiteracy and Math Coaching: This classroom coaching is specifically targeted to increase student achievement in the areas of literacy and mathematics. Teachers will work with a consultant to embed the most appropriate research-based instructional strategies into their reading or math lessons, differentiate instruction based on data and the individual needs of the learner, and implement structures to increase student engagement during instruction.

Virtual Consulting: Educational consultants will provide classroom coaching and/or professional development workshops via Skype in order to completely customize the training to meet the time constraints of schools and save them the cost of consultant travel expenses.

Demonstration Lessons: Demonstration lessons allow teachers to watch a consultant deliver a lesson and then debrief on the strategies that engaged students, enhanced rigor, and made learning more meaningful for students. These lessons can be delivered in a professional development workshop or as part of job-embedded classroom coaching.

Co-Teaching: This powerful element of job-embedded coaching allows the classroom teacher to plan a lesson with the consultant, making the thinking behind an effective lesson more transparent. The consultant and the teacher will then immediately deliver the lesson together, debriefing on what was effective, what needs improved, and next steps to move students forward.

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